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Bench Press Seminar Sign Up

Come learn the world's best lift from provincial, national and world record holding powerlifters at the Tricities Strongest Gym


The Blacksmith coaches are following up the successful squat seminar with a comprehensive session on the bench press. We'll be covering differences in anatomy, different set ups, common myths and flaws, and providing a ton of individualized coaching and hopefully seeing some more PRs at the end of the day


As always, Blacksmith Fitness seminars are backed by our 100% money back plus guarantee - If you're not satisfied with the level of coaching you receive, we'll not only refund you your money, but buy you a tub of protein just for taking your time


Look forward to seeing you guys and seeing some PRs on the bar!

Seminar Details:

When: April 6, 11am to 4pm

Where: Blacksmith Fitness, unit 408, 1485, Coast Meridian Road

Cost: $99 fully refundable with our money back PLUS guarantee

Feel free to use the "Contact Us" form if you have any questions!

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